Criminal, civil and commercial proceedings

Civil Proceedings

Civil proceedings is one of the basic forms of court proceedings aimed at recognizing and settling civil law disputes within the jurisdiction of common courts.

The civil procedure covers matters relating to relations in the field of civil law, family and guardianship law, labour law, social security and others, to which the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure apply under specific laws.

Our company provides a range of services in conducting cases, including:

  • divorce cases

  • relations between parents and children cases

  • division of property cases

  • labor law cases

  • writ-of-payment proceedings, payment-order proceedings and summary proceedings

We assist in the preparation of applications, editing letters or representing the client in court.

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Criminal Proceeding

Criminal proceedings is a set of legal norms regulating the criminal process that define the rights and obligations of the procedural authorities and other participants of the criminal proceeding. These provisions also define the course of activities aimed at discovering an offence and its perpetrator, as well as ruling on the criminal liability of the perpetrator. Please note that it is a social duty of anyone who has found out about committing a crime to notify the Police.

The criminal trial consists of four stages of the proceedings, which include:

  •  preparatory proceedings, which are conducted in the form of an inquiry or investigation (the Police and the prosecutor are the empowered bodies to conduct the proceedings);

  •  jurisdictional proceedings, including court proceedings, hearing of witnesses and the sentencing;

  • appeal which is initiated by the submission of an appeal by any of the parties to the proceedings against the sentencing issued by the Court of First Instance;

  •  the enforcement proceedings aimed at enforcing the decisions given in the judgment.

Commercial proceeding

Commercial proceedings is a case in the field of civil relations pending between entrepreneurs in the field of their business activities. In a situation where the entrepreneur ceases to conduct their business activity, however, they do so after the legal relationship has been established, it does not lead to the exclusion. Thus, although entrepreneurs are basically the parties to the proceedings in commercial cases, it may happen that a party to a legal relationship will no longer be an entrepreneur on condition that the matter in question results from their business activity at that time.

In order to classify a case as a commercial one, it should be noted that the case must arise from civil relations, and this is about a substantive relationship i.e. those in which legal protection comes down to causing effects within a civil law relationship (financial or non-financial circumstances) created by entities appearing in the event of a dispute as equal partners, who must also have the status of an entrepreneur, and the civil law relationship between them must remain within the scope of their business activity.

Our company provides services, including conducting negotiations with an entrepreneur who is the opposing party in an ongoing dispute, editing pleadings or representing the client in the court proceedings.